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First School Special Educational Needs

Click here to access our School Inspection Report (SIR) and details of our SEN provision.

SEN Offer Overview

What is a school ‘local offer’?

Our Local Offer is information for parents and carers of children who have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) and all those who support children with additional needs. This information outlines the support and provision they can expect to receive, if they choose St Nicholas C of E Middle School for their children.

Our ‘local offer’ represents how we teach all children, meeting individual needs

Who is who?

 SEND support involves many different people according to the needs of each child.

-      Executive Headteacher, Mr Steve Payne

-      Inclusion Manager, Miss Natalie Rushton

-      SENCO, Mrs Laura Barker

-      Learning and Behaviour Support Manager, Mrs Michele Brown

-      All teaching and support staff

-      Outside agencies e.g. school nurse, educational psychology, Speech and Language  

       Therapy, Occupational Health, SEN advisors etc...

How might the school know my child needs extra help?

Your child’s class teacher will discuss any SEND issues with you. The class teacher may talk about your child’s needs with the school Inclusion Manager who is also our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator). All children need teaching matched to their individual needs. Some children need different levels and types of support in order to bridge the gap to achieve age related expectations. This information and discussion would always happen in conjunction with parents.

Assessments of all children are made every half term. These assessments are shared with parents during our parent evenings. As well as this, more regular information would be shared with parents according to the needs of each child.

Where more specific or in depth assessments are needed, these will be discussed with parents before and after they take place.

How will the school support my child?

First and foremost we match each child’s abilities with the teaching they receive. Quality first teaching is about linking all aspects of learning together to ensure that children make good progress and enjoy their time in school.

Teaching may be as a whole class, in small groups or on a 1:1 basis according to the needs of each child. Specialist teaching may be used (for example in Speech and Language) where it is needed.

Children’s learning is developed through effective feedback. Each child knows what they are doing well and what they need to do next. This simple, clear system which involves talking to children, effective marking, peer assessment, modelling, self assessment and the use of success criteria enables children to make good progress.

When needed, specific intervention programmes are put in place which are tailored to individual need. The list of interventions is adapted regularly to meet the needs of each child.

These systems are regularly reviewed by class teachers and the Inclusion Manager. Pupil progress meetings track children’s progress and this is shared openly with parents.  Provision maps are in place to ensure that class teachers are addressing specific needs. If children’s progress slows then the reasons for this as well as how we can improve it are planned and shared with parents. They are tracked to see if they have a clear impact.

If children have behavioural or emotional needs these are met through our whole school systems or where needed individual support. This can include support for children  in a range of circumstances, for example whose parents are divorcing, bereavement, family issues. For children with behavioural problems a plan will be set up with parents in order to enable children to overcome issues and focus on enjoying learning.

Where children have medical needs, these are supported by our team of first aiders, many of whom are trained in first aid. Any additional training that staff need in order to support children is undertaken by the school.

Transition between our feeder pre schools, between classes and with the middle school is well planned. Meetings are held about all children. Where a child has additional needs this is shared and a plan put in place to meet their needs. Transition to middle school is completed by the Inclusion Manager/SENCO and Year 5 team.

How does the school support me as a parent?

Working in partnership with parents is the key to a child’s happiness and educational development. We pride ourselves on building relationships with parents. We are open and honest and encourage parents to be the same with us.


The school’s accessibility plan focuses on improving access to the building and ensuring that our curriculum meets the needs  of all. Where children have specific requirements we work with parents to ensure that, where possible, we can meet them.